Sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy

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Sexual intercourse throughout pregnancy is perfectly safe, in the absence of pregnancy complications such as heavy vaginal bleeding or the waters (amniotic fluid around the baby) are broken.

Sex during early pregnancy

During the first 12 weeks or so, some couples will feel so excited and sex becomes an intimate celebration of this event. For some the 1st trimester brings with it physical changes and discomforts making their desire to want to have sex wane.

It is now recognised that penetrative sex during early pregnancy does not cause miscarriage. If a miscarriage is going to occur, it will do so whether the couple have sex beforehand or not. However, even with this in mind it is still important to follow your own instincts and do what feels right for you.

Sex during second trimester

During the second trimester sexual arousal and sensuality often become heightened, many women feel physically better, more energetic and feel relatively comfortable.

Penetrative intercourse does not hurt the baby. The woman’s cervix is sealed with a thick mucus plug and the sac of waters (or amniotic fluid), acts as a cushion to protect your baby.

Some women experience Braxton Hicks contractions during sex and orgasm. They will generally subside after a few minutes to half an hour. It is now known that sex does not influence the likelihood of preterm birth.

Sex during late pregnancy

After about 32 weeks the woman may start to feel tired, heavy and large. There are often other discomforts such as heartburn, sore hips or back pain, cramps, restless legs or strong Braxton Hicks contractions. All these can contribute to reducing the woman’s interest in sex.

Prostaglandins in the man’s semen can ripen and soften the woman’s cervix. It is recommended to engage in sexual activities in the later part of the pregnancy, however, this is purely optional.

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